Movies are supposed to be FUN. That is the basic idea behind CICADA!  We aim to encapsulate what we all love about unpretentious B-movie cinema in an LA-centric story about bloodsucking insects. It began with goofy concept shots, setting out to discover if we could put a creature on screen that was both hilarious and terrifying. Homegrown animatics slowly evolved into an endearing mix of location footage, bluescreen, and amateur wire work that is uniquely CICADA! This is our collaborative effort to show the world a new kind of creature feature. 


"When Los Angeles is attacked by a swarm of giant mutated cicadas 

in search of human blood, a group of friends led by disgraced Major-leaguer

Johnny Bash must fight to destroy the swarm and save the city."






















DAVID WILLIS - Writer, Director, and Editor of CICADA! 


Completing the first draft of CICADA! in 2012 and helming the project through various phases, David has been in the trenches on every aspect of the project, including his onscreen cameo as lovable neighborhood hobo Smelly Bob.